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SYD-3535ZAutomatic Pour Point Tester


Standard:ASTM D97;GB/T3535

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Release date: 2017-03-17

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SYD-3535Z Automatic Pour Point Tester
  SYD-3535Z Automatic Pour Point Tester is made as per standards GB/T3535 Standard Test Method for Pour Point of Petroleum Products,and American Society Testing and Materials ASTM D97. It is a kind of high automatic instrument with advanced design. It is used to determine the pour point of high-tech petroleum and relevant substance It can be widely used in petroleum industry,railway,aviation,electric power and other relevant universities and scientific research institutions etc.

I. Main technical features
1.With the embedded computer,imported industrial personal computer,10.4 inch LCD touch display,English version operation system.
2.With the PPT imaging technology,the computer can automatically detect,analyze and judge the pour point of the oil sample.
3.Automatically finishing the sample lifting,pouring,detecting;self-clocking,automatically judging,storing and printing out the test results etc.
4.With the fast detecting function,it can set the lowest temperature of the cold bath according to the expecting pour point,and shorten the test time through the fast cooling the sample.
5.With the fault self-detecting,analyzing,judging functions,and displaying them on screen.
6.With the imported glass temperature sensor,Its heat conductivity coefficient is same as the mercury in-glass thermometer,but it’s the precision is much better.
7.With the metal cold bath,the imported double compressors in cascade refrigeration,and the fast cooling.
8.With double baths and double holes,separate bath temperature control,it can test 2 groups of samples at a time.The sample could be made the full test at all different temperature point.
9.With the port to connect with LIMS system and connecting with multi-machine by network.

II.Main technical specifications
1. Lowest test pour point: - 56℃
2. Temperature control range: -69℃~+48℃
3. Bath temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃
4.Cooling rate:from 48℃ to-70℃≤15mins
5. Period of every 17℃ dropped: ≤150s
6. Halt interval time:>30min
7.Test holes: 2
8. Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz±1
9. Maximum power consumption:    1800W
10. Working environment: Ambient temperature 5℃ to 40℃ , RH <85%
11. Dimension: 700mm×550mm×640mm(L*W*H)
12. Net weight: 106Kg




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