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SYD-4508GBitumen Ductility Machine


Standard:ASTM D113;GB/T 4508,T0602,JTG E20

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Release date: 2017-03-20

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SYD-4508G Bitumen Ductility Machine
  This instrument is designed and made as per national standard GB/T 4508-2010 Standard Test Method for Ductility of Bitumen, T0602-2011 Asphalt Ductility Test in JTG E20-2011 in the Industrial Standard of People’s Republic of China JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering and ASTM D113 Standard Test Method for Ductility of Bituminous Materials. It is suitable to determine the distance to which it will elongate before breaking when two ends of a briquet specimen of the material are pulled apart at a specified speed and at a specified temperature.

I. Main technical features
1. It adopts humanized design philosophy. There is no leading screw, lead rail or other components in the test trough. It adopts innovative transmission design. The stretching is stable and synchronous. There is no tremble and the speed is uniform. The sample can be easily installed in and the maximum measurement distance can reach 1.5m.
2. It can determine ductilities of three samples and tensile forces of two sample by one analysis.
3. It adopts PC control technology. The temperature control accuracy is high. It has the function of automatic specimen positioning. The ductility determination can be operated remotely. Equipped with a communication port, it achieves the communication with PC conveniently.
4. It adopts large LCD to show the temperature, ductility, tensile force clearly.
5. It equips a needle micro-printer to printer out the test results automatically(Ductility, average value, maximum tensile force and the changing curves).
6. The specimen can return and positioning automatically after the determination.

II. Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V,50Hz
2. Measurement distance:  1.5m(±10mm)

3. Heating method:Electric heater

4.Bath circulation:Strong magnetic circulation pump to circulate the bath liquid

5. Temperature control:  Range: 5℃~50℃, Temperature display resolution: ±0.01℃


7. Tensile speed:  10mm/min and 50mm/min


9.Ductility display:Real-time display on screen

10.Ductility record:

a.record through the wireless ductility recorder(remote controller)

b.record through the ductility recorder 1/2/3 keys of touch screen

11.Tensile test:  Range:(0~300)N,resolution: 0.1N


13.Data output:

(1)Communication port RS232
(2)Printed by micro-printer

14.Refrigeration:  Compressor

15.Ambient temperature:  (-10~+35)℃

16.Relative humidity:  ≤85%

17.Maximum power consumption: 4100W

18.Overall dimension:  2365mm×530mm×950mm(L*W*H)




Address:No. 528 Taiyun Road Jiading District Shanghai China

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