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Notice of invitation for technical exchange of bitumen and bitumen mixture
Key word:Notice of invitation for technical exchange of bitumen and bitumen mixture    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2018-07-02

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Each bitumen and bitumen mixture equipment company

   To strengthen technical personnel exchanges and communication, technical personnel ideas, improve the level of technology, to strengthen the use and maintenance of equipment management work, for your company to build a high-quality technical team, is under the leadership of Shanghai changji geological instrument co., LTD decided to appoint our senior technicians to your company to provide free technical training services.


·         The topic of technical exchange training activity is as follows

1.     Knowledge of performance indicators for asphalt and asphalt mixtures

2.     Highway engineering testing and testing institutions (grade a and b), asphalt and asphalt mixtures required equipment configuration.

3.     Explanation of various typical problems that may be encountered during the test of asphalt and asphalt mixture (questions can be asked on site).

4.     Maintenance and maintenance of bitumen and bituminous mixtures instruments, simple troubleshooting methods.

5.     Analysis of the ministry of transport's upcoming new industry standards, what changes have been made.




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