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The transaction is just the beginning, and the service is endless!
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The transaction is just the beginning, and the service is endless!

    The importance of SBS modifier in improving pavement performance has been widely used in expressways in China, and the annual consumption of SBS modified asphalt has doubled. At the same time, it is particularly necessary to detect the content of SBS additives in modified asphalt.


   On November 1, 2020, the Ministry of transport of the people's Republic of China officially implemented JT / T 1329 test method for modifier content of SBS modified asphalt infrared spectroscopy.

    SYD-0673M portable asphalt infrared spectrometer fully complies with the potassium bromide tablet preparation method in the latest standard. In terms of software, new and old standard options are optimized and added, which is suitable for users who use the latest industry standards (peak positions 812cm-1 and 966cm-1) and different characteristic peak calculation requirements of various local standards (peak positions 966cm-1 and 1377cm-1).


    On June 18, engineers from Shanghai Changji service department came to the NO2 Project Department of Qinzhou-Beihai section reconstruction and expansion project of Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group (Lanzhou Haikou Expressway) to conduct on-site explanation and practical demonstration of SBS content measurement of modified asphalt (infrared spectroscopy).

    The instrument used in this demonstration is SYD-0673M portable asphalt infrared spectrometer newly launched by Shanghai Changji. The demonstration training has been highly valued by users, and the participants include more than 20 project leaders, laboratory directors and their test personnel.

    The training content is mainly from four aspects: introduction to Shanghai Changji company, R & D and application background of infrared spectrometer, product and working principle, and successful application cases, and answers the questions raised on site.

    The training was presided over by Yu Haiyang, a senior engineer of Changji, Shanghai. In the practical demonstration after the meeting, the steps of the experimental process were gradually decomposed hand in hand, and the key nodes such as sample preparation were introduced in detail and the key points were shared.




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