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Changji’s Regulating Market Price Statement
Key word:Regulating the market price    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2016-06-01

To Changji’s distributors:

   In order to regulate the market price,make sure the industry sound development and protect both legitimate rights and interests,Since 1th June 2015,Shanghai Changji has stated and required to all distributors as below:
1.    Only officially authorized agents can enjoy the preferential price from Shanghai Changji.
2.     According to the regulations of the agreement,the online price of agents is not allowed less than Changji’s ex-factory price.
3.    According to the sales district,Changji ships the instruments to agents directly.If it needs Changji to ship the goods to others,the agent has to explain the reason and bear the freight charge.
4.    The agents are not allowed to distribute the fake or do OEM privately.Otherwise,Changji has the rights to cancel the contract,and can pursues the agents’ responsibility through the law.

5.    From the date of Changji’s statement,each distributor has to do self-inspection and stop the illegal actions.Otherwise,the agents will not enjoy the favorable price.

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