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Let our life experience from confusion to sublimation
Key word:Let our life experience from confusion to sublimation    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2016-05-23

On Sunday 21th May 2016,There are a training of young employees by organization of Changji’s Leaders.The training teachers are grouped by young staffs called as “green hand”-Xu Lulu from Sales department,Tao Yuren from customers service department.Because both of them don’t have a long time in their current position,but they have common characteristics of loving their jobs and servicing clients sincerely.During their statement,it fully displays their hard study in professional knowledge and hard work to explore markets and try to supply best service to clients.Through their efforts,they are appreciated by customers, praised by leaders and liked by colleagues.
    So I’m inspired in the moment.Both of them have worked in several positions of company.At beginning, they don’t find the correct direction in previous positions,but now they discover the suitable position and good career platform for them to develop,and the same time they are accept and appraised by whole company.Their achievements are benefits from Changji’s leaders,especially General Manager Mr. Lu Jian’s thought to choose talents.

Xu Lulu from Sales Department

Tao Yuren from Customers Service Department

 Changji company has established for nineteen years,It’s growed up from a born baby to a strong youth.Right now,it has been entering the most beautiful time of life.Changji is the well-know brand as one of the famous manufacturers in China,the roles and status of Changji becomes more and more important in markets.Now,we have more than 200 types products,the market prospect including intangible assets of the legendary service and tangible assets give the unlimited space of development to young talents.
       Surely,the perfect achievement is not only based on the reasonable external conditions but also more important on the internal cause of your subjective initiative.In the process of communication,the freshman speak out the confusion in work through the “green hand” platform.The words of the predecessors guide them work direction and give them promising career.Finnally,I want to give youth some suggestions,pls don’t be afraid of confusion,because every one’s life is continuously sublimated from the confusions.

Company Party Branch Secretary:Song Yanxuan





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