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   Shanghai Changji Geological Instrument Co.Ltd,it’s not American,not Japanese,not Korean and Philipine,but Chinese.Shanghai Changji independently develop kinds of petroleum instruments,highway instruments,geological instruments,rotary viscosity instruments and laboratory instruments etc.Over the years,Our company pays more and more attention to the application of new technology,new craft,new materials,continuously promote the level of the instruments’automation and intelligence,Changji’s products become more and more popular at home and abroad.

We attach importance to the service to every clients,our customer support staff will quickly supply the smile and sincere service as long as you meet any problem when using the instruments.We believe that only we continuously improve the technical level and enhance the service quality,and then we can survive.

This year,Changji independently develop and research Octane Number&Cetane Number Tester,one camera dual use to detect both cetane number and octane number.The gasoline octane number test,It can do research octane number, motor octane number and antiknock index at a time(three show a screen)Diesel fuel cetane number test display the cetane number directly,input the standard density and middle boiling point to read the cetane index.Less oil sample 150ml each timeA little test time 1min each test.The instrument adopts high precision sensor,big data comprehensive analysis techonology,advanced calculation method,the test results fit GB/T 5487GB/T 503 standardsThe SYD-QX-D is a portable instrument,convenient to carry and fast measure.

The new item SYD-0193B Fully-automatic Lubricating Oils Oxidation Stability Tester,Metal bath design is to reduce pollution,double holes design is to detect two different samples at a time,and also it has humanized touch screen and software operation interface.

The new item:SYD-0059A Lubricating Oils Evaporation Loss Tester,It can detect Kinematic viscosity of two samples.More information,pls check en.shangyi.net or contact with us by sales@shangyi.net





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