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Changji Technical Sales Engineers Training and Travelling in Hangzhou
Key word:Changji team training and touring in Hangzhou    From:    Release time:2017-07-03
    In order to supply beter service to clients,all Changji’s technical sales engineers across the country have been taken the training course at the beginning of 22th June 2017.
    The main courses about this training are the all kinds of new items,products inner structure and the operation of modified instruments.It help the engineers to understand the change of products deeply and supply best service to our customers.
    During the training,every sales engineer records the details of the modified products and gives the constructive suggestion to improve the operating convenience

    During the operation training,each technical sales engineer studies the instrument structure and operation carefully,learns about the latest electrochemistry instruments and highway asphalt mixtures equipements.

    Each Changji’s products training not only give each staff welfare but also supply much better service experience to clients.

    Since 23th June 2017 after the tense training,Changji has organized a tour of Lin’an Hangzhou in the middle of 2017.

    Although the weather is not cooperative,there are heavy rain in the Lin’an and the Damingshan Mountain is not opened to climb.On the way to Damingshan Mountain,the scenery is pleasant like as seeing the fairyland.

    Several days heavy rain swelleds the river.The stream flow likes as ten thousand steeds gallop.Normally such scene could be appreciated on TV,but today we have seen the power of flood in real life.

    Although there are a little regretful,it’s satisfied to take a group photo at the foot of the mountain.

    In the afternoon,we come to Qinshan Lake and enjoy the beautiful lake by boat.Each member of customers service department forget the serious work between green mountains and clear waters.Every one is very excited and play game who is the boatheader.

    On the island,we have started and enjoyed the adventure game in the lake forest.No one admit himself as the weak. 

    The happy families are taken the pictures along the Qinshan lake.

    Because of the rainy days to change the tour schedule provisionally,we have visited the West Lake of Hangzhou in the third day.The West Lake in the rain is covered with a thin veil like a girl’s shyness.

    A little red in the green forest,it gives a bright color to the West Lake in the rain.  

    We are love as brothers and sisters.

    The beautiful moment is always transitory.The following days,all technical sales engineers are really to go throughout the country and unceasingly to supply the considerate service to Changji’s clients.We can create more brilliant achievements.




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