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Pray for the Changji’s Lover and thumb up for Changji’s colleagues
Key word:Pray for the Changji’s Lover and thumb up for Changji’s colleagues    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2015-12-03
    On 1th December 2015,both Party Branch and Labor Unions made a notice to whole company employees:Let’s pray for comrade Chen Ji’s lover.After the notice,it gets the active response and supports from company all staff,and all colleagues help Chen Ji generously with money.We are sorry and pity to hear about the comrade Chen Ji suffering difficulties and misfortune,but we are shocked and proud of the deep human kindness from Changji family.We have gotten the total donation RMB51,250 rapidly during 2 days.
   Changji will pass the 18th anniversary in next month. During these 18 years,our company has developed from around 50 employees to present more than 150 staff,the sales amount from RMB 7,000,000 to RMB 100,000,000,all achievements are base on the wisdom and sweat of whole staff.There are too many similar examples such as the employees care for the Changji’s development,the enterprise cares about the staff, colleagues help each other.Some staff give the constructive suggestions for company leaders to improve the quality of products and make the enterprise development solutions.
    This year,the leader not only increase the employees income but also give the tourist opportunity to every staff,the travel fee as RMB1,200/person.Some older workers accomplish the dream to visit the Beijing’s Tian An Men and the Forbidden City.

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