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Key word:Market requirements and challenge    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2015-12-14

    In this year,the sales amount of petroleum products has slipped a bit,especially some refrigeration equipments happen the unsalable condition,so the production plan has to be adjusted for the next half year.But after the Novermber,the market suddenly changes.According to the clients’requirements,the leaders of producing department start the contingency plan to revise the production schedule,the 510G、LC-1、6536B and wax content tester etc are arranged to produce in the refrigeration producing department.It’s under the leadership of the team leader Zhu Yan’an to organize the human resourse.At the beginning of Novermber,through the hard work, continuous fight and the emphasis of the quanlity,Zhu Yan’an and Chen Jinhu continuously work more than 48 hours in 13th to 15th Novermber(Because of the aging products with continuous power supply).
    From the plan adjustment to the present,Zhu Yan’an has worked for more 30 days successively.They have fixed the shortage problems and shipped the goods out on time.During more 1 month,except the refrigeration producing team’s efforts,quality inspector Kan Rongsong close fit and control the quality seriously to monitor the process of installation of every instrument.He will give some necessary technical supports and inspect the products according to the technical index prior to the warehouse,forbid relaxing the technical standards as the clients’ urgent need,we have to ensure the products quality in storage.

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