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Changji’s Sixth Three Time Resolutions of General Meeting of Shareholders
Key word:General Meeting of Shareholders    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2016-03-27
    Shanghai Changji Geological Instrument Co.,Ltd holds the 2016’s General Meeting of Shareholders on 27th March 2016 at Shanghai Changji’s office.The attendees should be 37 shareholders,but the actual participants are 27 persons,whose percentage of shares reach 87.489%,absent 7 people,it meet the statutory requirements.During the conference,Mr.Lu Jian,General Manager and Chairman,gives the reports about the 2015’s company business condition ,the work report of this board of directors and the decision of sixth 12th board of directors.He listen to the 2015’s company financial regulations execution condition from the executive supervisor Mr.Song Tingxuan.There are to discuss about the new board of directors and executive supervisor.The decision after the discussion and vote by the participating shareholders:
1.    Agree with the Chairman Mr.Lu Jian’s reports about the 2015’s company business work and report on work of this board of directors,and thanks to the hard efforts of management team of this board of directors.
2.    Deliberate and approve all resolutions of boards of director in sixth 12th conference.
3.    Deliberate and approve the work report of the executive supervisor Mr.Song Tingxuan about the executive condition of the company financial regulations.
4.    Lu Jian,Shen Youwen and Huang Yuanlin are elected to compose the seventh board of directors,and Mr.Lu Jian is continuously as Chairman.
5.    Mr.Song Tingxuan is elected as the new executive supervisor in the conference.
6.    Accept the 2016’s work development thought of new board of directors,and hope to get more achievement.

Challenged with more and more furious competitive markets,all shareholders hope the new board will review the situation,overcome the difficulties and broaden the thought,strive for the new achievement to return the society and our shareholders.

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