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The Notice to Crackdown the Illegal Use Shanghai Changji’s Brand
Key word:Beware of fake commodities    From:Shanghai Changji    Release time:2016-04-22

Recently,Our company discovers that some firms copy our instruments by illegal ways.The subject brand are named as“Changji”,”Changji Geology” and used same items to seduce the customers to buy the fake,then get the illegal profit.It not only seriously injury our clients’benefit but also badly destroy our brand reputation and rights.At the same time,it disturbs the normal market sales order.So we,Shanghai Changji Geological Instrument Co.,Ltd tells the world solemnly:

1.    Shanghai Changji is our registered trademark,it is protected by law.Pls ensure and recognize our brand when your buying.
2.    There are fake products to illegally use our company brand,we will keep the rights to pursue their piracy obligation by legal means.
3.    There are no any branch firms and we will not authorize any other companies to do OEM for Changji and sale the products at home and abroad.
4.    Pls check the certificates of the manufacturer after your confirming the items to avoid the financial losses.
5.    Welcome all customers supply the information which abuse our company brand and actions,pls firmly believe our exclusive official telephone number:400-8038-979.
The correct Changji brand products VS Fake products as following:

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