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SYD-6538Automatic Engine Oils Apparent Viscosity Tester

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SYD-6538 Automatic Engine Oils Apparent Viscosity Tester


The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the standards China GB/T 6538 Determination of apparent viscosity of engine oils using the cold-cranking simulator (CCS method) and American ASTM D5293.At the temperature range: -35℃∼-5℃,the interval 5℃ temperature condition , and the viscosity range:1500mPa•s∼27000mPa•s to detect the apparent viscosity of the apparent oils.

I.Main technical characteristics

1. With 15 inch color LCD touch display to realize the operation.

2. With the embedded control technology and two optional operating interface:Chinese or English interface.

3. It adopts the imported compressor,the cascade refrigeration technology with the fast cooling speed.

4. It uses the imported motor drive,the improved rotor and low torque test mode,high measurement precision and good repeatability.

5. With the rotary encoder to detect the rotate speed and control current automatically to reduce the manual operating error.

6. The parameters of all standard oils can be editable and stored,it can save the 1000 groups of history test data and it’s convenient to check and reuse.

7.Configuration with minniprinter to automatically print the report after the test.

II.Main technical parameters

1.Cold bath temperature control range:Ambient ~ -60℃

2. Cold bath temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃

3. Stator temperature control accuracy: ±0.05℃

4. Viscosity measurement range:  1500mPa•s ~27000mPa•s

5. Environment temperature:10℃~40℃

6. Relative humidity: ≤85%

7. Power supply: AC(220±10%)V,50Hz

8. Maximum power consumption:2500W

9. Dimension:1450mm×500mm×620mm(L*W*H)




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