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SYD-0730AMultifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester

Industry choice:

SYD-0730A Multifunctional Fully-Automatic Asphalt Pressure Tester


  The instrument is designed and made as per the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering. It is suitable to do determination of Marshall stability, uniaxial compression test(cylinder,prismoid),bending , splitting and freeze-thaw splitting as per above standards.

I,Main technical characteristics

1.One machine has many functions,fitting following standards: JTG E20-2011 including

T 0709 Bituminous Mixtures Marshall Stability Test

T 0715 Bituminous Mixtures Bending Test

T 0716 Bituminous Mixtures Splitting Test

T 0729 Bituminous Mixtures Freeze-thaw Splitting Test

2.The instrument test tank has the cooling constant temperature function.The temperature balance function of the compressor refrigeration and heating piple control the temperature range of the tank in (-20∼70)℃,and meet the tank temperature requirement of the instrument test method.

3.The instrument adopts advanced sensor technology and microcomputer processing technology, and it has functions of setting parameters, measurement calibration, automatic test control, automatic data acquisition and real-time clock.

4.The instrument can storage 100 groups test data and test time, and it also can look over readily .The whole procedure can be finished automatically and automatic reset.

II,Main technical parameters and index

1.Pressure 1 measurement range and accuracy: range (0~100)kN, accuracy ±0.01kN

2.Pressure 2 measurement range and accuracy: range (0~3)kN, accuracy ±0.01kN

3.Left displacement sensor range and accuracy:range (0~20)mm,accuracy ±0.001mm

4.Right displacement sensor range and accuracy:range (0~20)mm,accuracy ±0.001mm

5.Basic configuration:uniaxial compression measuring device,bending measuring device,splitting fixture,stability holder

6.Servo motor power: 1.5kW

7.Test Lifting speed:  (1~50) mm /min

8.Quickly lifting speed: 50mm/min

9.Refrigeration compressor: AC(220~240)V 6.5A

10.Color touch screen size: 800×480mm

11.Heater power: AC220V,1.5kW

12.Environment box inner dimension: 650×340×400(mm)

13.Power supply:three phase(380±10%)V、3A、50Hz

14.Dimension:   750 mm×695 mm×1775mm(L×W×H)




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