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SYD-0850Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine



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Release date: 2018-12-06

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SYD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine

  SYD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine is a new designed professional model to cut the cylinder module,Which is used in T0715-2011 Asphalt Mixture Bending Test,T0718-2011 Asphalt Mixture Shearing Strength Test,T0738-2011 Asphalt Mixture Uniaxial Compression Dynamic Modulus Test etc. to cut out the specimen in accordance with the requirements.

I.Main technical characteristics
1.The machine is composed of main cutting unit and electric control cabinet,floor stand.
2. Using high hardness and high quality steel as the frame, the cutting stability is good.
3. High precision driving system is adopted to ensure the cutting precision of the specimen.
4. The motor speed is high and the cutting surface of the specimen is smooth.
5. Simple operation, one clamping can cut two parallel sides.
6. Both saw blade speed and feed speed are adjustable.
7. Use full sealing protective cover, safe to use, low noise.
8. When cooling water is discharged, it is filtered by three layers.

II.Main technical parameters
1.Cutting power: 4000W
2.Motor waterproof grade: IP56
3.Saw blade revolution rate: 3000r/min
4.Blade diameter: Ø470mm
5.Cutting specimen:cuboid thickness 25mm to 150mm,cylinder diameter Ø 100mm(standard),cylinder diameter Ø 150mm(Optional clamping apparatus)
6.Overall dimension:cutting unit 1820mm×900mm×1550mm,control cabinet 630mm×220mm×1140mm
7.Power supply: AC380V,50Hz,3P4W
8.Total power consumption: 5000W
9.Usage environment:temperature 5℃~35℃,humidity ≤85%
10.Net weight: 400kg




Address:No. 528 Taiyun Road Jiading District Shanghai China

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