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SYD-0702A-1Marshall Electric Compactor

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SYD-0702A-1 Marshall Electric Compactor


  SYD-0702A-1 is designed and made as per industrial standard JTG E20-2011 and ASTM D6926 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is composed of both mechanical drive and control instrument,the mechanical drive includes motor, reducer and chain drive.It has the single chip microcomputer as the control core and 4.3 inch color touch screen,real-time clock,environment temperature detecting and displaying.

I. Main technical features

1. The instrument adopts the new advanced electroplating process,metal yogon,high hardness,good abrasion resistance.

2.With the electric control method to realize the automatic lifting of heavy hammer,self-locking,the start button - raise automatically,automatic stop,automatic reset,It will decrease the operators’ working strength and simplify the work procedure.

3.The instrument with dual use function,it can be used  in both Φ101.6mm×63.5mm cylinder mold and Φ152.4mm×95.3mm big cylinder mold.

4.Tthe electric control adopts the large color touch screen technology,and has the key control to realize the double insurance.It’s convenient operation and high accuracy control.

5.mold accurate positioning,dead locking structure of compaction test mold,safe reliability of instrument operation.

6.Preset the compaction times to realize the automatic compaction technology.It’s convenient to debug and do self-inspection.

7.With the automatic emergency stop button,it can stop at any time and any condition by pressing the button.

II. Main technical specifications

1. Hammer 1:  4536g±9g(Φ101.6mm×63.5mm mold)

2. Hammer 2:  10210g±10g(Φ152.4mm×95.3mm mold)

3. Fall of Hammer:  457mm±1.5mm;

4. Compaction speed:  (60±5)times/min

5. Compaction times:  (0~999)times

6. Wooden compaction pedestal:  457mm×200mm×200mm

7. Concrete compaction pedestal:  120mm×460mm×480mm

8.Lifting motor power: 0.01KW

9.Color touch screen: 480x270 mm

10.Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V,50Hz

11.Motor power:  370W

12.Work environment:temperature -10℃~35℃,relative humidity ≤85%

13.Outline dimension:  1950mm×540mm×540mm

13.Net weight:  About 180kg

III. Optional accessorry

1. Mold professional ejector

2. Asphalt mixture blender: SYD-F02-20 automatic asphalt mixture blender(recommended)




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