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SYD-200S-1Electric Hydraulic Pressure Ejector

Industry choice:

                                                SYD-200S-1 Electric Hydraulic Pressure Ejector  
The instrument adopts the electric hydraulic transmission to load the pressure,the reasonable structure design,convenient operation,stable work and reliability.It’s mainly used in round specimen to demould,especial in asphalt mixture,cement mixture and higher density specimen by highway industries,constructions industries,universities and colleges,and scientific research institutions ect.laboratory.
It’s matched with our products SYD-0702,SYD-0702A,SYD-0702A-1 Marshall electric compactors.

I.Main technical characteristics

1. This instrument can be used for demoulding many kinds of samples

① Marshall stability test model

② Concrete compression test model

③ Model test of heavy (light) compaction instrument for geotechnical engineering

2. High demoulding efficiency and low noise.

3. The instrument is made of all steel parts, which is strong and durable.

4. Two way working cylinder, lift and drop freely.

II.Main technical parameters and index

1.Peakload: 20kN
2.Maximun stripper length: 230mm
3.Oil pump working pressure: 30MPa
4.Demoulding speed: 200mm/min
5.Motor power: 1.1kW
6.Power supply: AC380V/50Hz
7.Machine gross weight: 250kg
8.Outline dimension: 550mm×500mm×1100mm(L*W*H)




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